Home Emergency Cover

We take care of the inconvenience and unexpected cost of a home emergency, so you can keep smiling.

Home Emergency Cover

All of our home emergency plans include the below features as does our new and enhanced home emergency cover. Home Emergency plans ensure that your home is covered in case of emergency breakdowns. There is just a £75 excess charge. Call us for a quote or read more below.

Call Out Engineer Drilling

Unlimited Call-outs

We can be here for you whenever you need us, as home emergencies never happen at convenient times.

Call out limit Money

High Call Out Limit

Up to £500 per call out (£300 in first 90 days) to cover all the damage needed. Up to £250 for Plumbing & Drainage Plan.

Gas Hob

All Fees Included

All parts, labour and call-out fees are included in your price, apart from the £75 Excess.

Home Emergency Extra: What's Included?

Plumbing & Drainage

• Burst pipes - Covers all materials, excluding lead piping;
• Sudden leakage including joints and bends (including weather damage);
• Blocked drains including sewage outlets;
• Leaks and blockages of the sink and toilet;
• Utility Pipe leaks and blockages (includes pipework from and to appliances);
• Overflow problems;
• Accidental damage caused by nails, screws or drills.

Main Water Supply

From stopcock up to and including property and boundaries
• Burst pipes;
• Sudden leakage including general wear and tear (excludes lead piping);
•       Collapsed pipes including general wear and tear (excludes lead piping);
• Investigative work;
• Blockages;
• Replacement of any sections of collapsed pipe work

Home electrics

• Internal electrics including full wiring systems around the property;
• Accidental damage to electrical wiring;
• Rodent damage to electrical wiring
• We do not cover theft of electronics.

Internal Gas Supply

Call-out and emergency repairs required as a result of a home emergency involving a leak to the internal gas supply pipe between the meter and a gas appliance in your home.

Home Security

·        Locksmith to make the property safe;
·        Boarding up of windows as a result of break in or vandalism;
·        Replacement locks and keys for front/main door due to loss or damage including key snapped in lock

Pest Control

·        Internal and external including sheds and garages;
·        Hornets/wasps/rats/mice;
·        Sourcing and removal

Glazing & windows

The replacement of broken or cracked glass in a window in your home with glass conforming to BS6206 where required by regulations or otherwise with glass conforming to BS6262 if this can be undertaken during the same call-out.

Emergency Accomodation

If your home is made uninhabitable due to a home emergency we will provide up to a total of £500 for hotel accommodation.

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What Do Our Customers Think?

Phil Hassall

This was the first time I have ever called Reactive concerning a claim. What a phenomenal response! Right from the first call handler everything went so smoothly and quickly. My call went in 1300 hrs ish and by 1600 hrs my problem was sorted! Brilliant. Clearly I'll be staying with them next year.


Kenneth Kinnaird

Danny the engineer came out identify the problem ordered the part for central heating and made sure I had hot water second time with excellent service and manner 10 out of 10 .The call centre was great and Ben in the office reactive was very helpful.


Barbara Wilkins

I have been with Reactive virtually from their conception. Both my fridge freezer and washing machine have quit this year. Reactive have replaced like for like with both with no hassle or queries. Their telephone staff are both polite and helpful. Their premiums are modest , I would class them as A* company and recommend them all the time. Get a quote I pay half the premium I was paying with a large well known competitor.