Our Product Overview

We react to the emergencies that stop your home life going smoothly. Check out our plans below.

OUR Plans

Here is an overview of our various plans, from home emergencies to your domestic appliances: we've got you covered.

Home Emergency

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Protect your home against inconvenient emergencies.

Satellite & Television

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Protect your satellite and TV set up together.

Satellite System

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Protect your satellite system set up without your TV.

Home Appliances

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Protect the appliances most important to your home.

What Do Our Customers Think?

Phil Hassall

This was the first time I have ever called Reactive concerning a claim. What a phenomenal response! Right from the first call handler everything went so smoothly and quickly. My call went in 1300 hrs ish and by 1600 hrs my problem was sorted! Brilliant. Clearly I'll be staying with them next year.


Kenneth Kinnaird

Danny the engineer came out identify the problem ordered the part for central heating and made sure I had hot water second time with excellent service and manner 10 out of 10 .The call centre was great and Ben in the office reactive was very helpful.


Barbara Wilkins

I have been with Reactive virtually from their conception. Both my fridge freezer and washing machine have quit this year. Reactive have replaced like for like with both with no hassle or queries. Their telephone staff are both polite and helpful. Their premiums are modest , I would class them as A* company and recommend them all the time. Get a quote I pay half the premium I was paying with a large well known competitor.